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Leah Hawthorn
ABI Advanced Business and Etiquette

Leah Hawthorn is a certified business image and business etiquette coach, Owner of, ABI, advanced business image & etiquette LLC, Training Facilitator for The Defense Acquisition Universities, Senior College Fellowship, corporate business, colleges and universities, and is a Master Trainer for The Protocol School of Washington. Ms. Hawthorn works to facilitate change in the business arena by improving individual and corporate image and business ettiquette skills. Ms. Hawthorn trains men and women from all over the country and is the etiquette columnist for Dayton Most Metro. Better communications means better, more satisfying relationships. For the past four years, Mike Hall has brought his education and leadership experience to schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to help others improve their communication and relational skills through his professional seminars. Mike’s Personalities at Work, Emotional Intelligence, and Five Love Languages at Work seminars will help you understand how you can better communicate on and off the job. Your professional and personal relationships will improve as you gain a better understanding of how to make others feel appreciated and how to recognize their appreciation for you. In addition, these seminars will showcase the unique capabilities of your team members and how you can utilize them most effectively.

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